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On the banks of the Yellowstone River     Glendive Montana    

Producing natural lamb and beef with the help of a few good Australian Kelpies.

Australian Kelpies

We have been raising Australian Kelpies since 2003 when we discovered their worth on a ranch in the Missouri River Breaks.  These dogs are smart, resourceful, and tough.  We value dogs that can work when asked, go all day, and then settle down as a member of the family when the work is done.

We breed only when there is a need and are happy to keep a list of those expressing interest in a future litter.

Registered Katahdins

Exceptional Dispositions

Hardy and Parasite Resistant

Easy Care- No Shearing!


The Katahdin is a composite breed that has a lot to offer.  They truly are everything you read about when it comes to being easy to care for and manage.  They are generally docile and calm and are of a medium size which makes handling them something women and children can do.  When it comes to health management we have found that their parasite resistance and tolerance along with their general hardiness mean less reason to have your hands on them throughout the year.  This is important whether you run in big country or have a small property.  The most valuable asset for our interests though is their prolific nature since the profit is always in the pounds and pounds are dependent on numbers born and reared.  

Yearly we sell both registered and commercial ewe lambs into a variety of herd types.  Contact us to discuss your goals.


Fullblood Blackheaded Dorpers

Hardy and Adaptable

Non-selective Grazers

Maternal Qualities

Cross Breeding Potentials

There are several reasons we added Dorpers into our ranching operation.  Their main purpose is to produce prime lamb and they simply do.  Much like the Katahdin, Dorper lamb meat does not have the “mutton taste” that most people associate with eating lamb.  Try it once and you will understand.

Dorpers are also highly adaptable and do well in harsh conditions which Montana can deliver.  They are excellent converters of a wide range of forage types. On our islands they utilize more of the browse offered than other sheep have done, routinely eating Russian Olive, sage brush and many varieties of weeds.  Having them here is improving our pastures and making it possible to run more cattle.

Dorper Ewes are excellent mothers and heavy milkers. Lambs are vigorous and have high survivability.  They are effective in increasing the growth rate, carcass size and quality of all the typical hair-type breeds.   For that reason each year we produce a number of crossbred Katahdin/Dorper lambs.

Fullblood Dorpers

Our goal has been producing prime lamb and profiting off heavy market lambs. 

Running Sheep on the River

Gathered on the island

Loading on the boat

Ready to go

Unloading Onto the trailer


Whether you are in the market for a Kelpie pup, fresh lamb meat, or breeding stock, give us a call.